RoofStep 3-1 LD

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RoofStep is a unique and innovative rooftop guardrail system which enables to you safely move over rooftop elevation changes including parapet walls. These fall prevention systems come in several different styles of kits and are designed in order to have the engineered ladders on the face and back of the parapet walls and a platform over the parapet area in order to help protect the sensitive roof member or coping material from damage.

This RoofStep system is designed to allow you to safely move over obstacles that may be present on your rooftop such as parapet walls. This particular rooftop fall prevention device is designed to allow you to move 3 feet up and over the obstacles and one foot down, back onto the rooftop and has 6-foot guide rails on the upper levels which will help to prevent falls to the lower levels.

Already installed on numerous rooftops, this parapet guardrail system addresses a desperate need within the fall prevention industry. These rooftop fall prevention kits are a counterweighted fall prevention system, which provides safe and reliable access over parapet walls and other elevation changes. This fall safety system utilizes our RoofGuard baseplates in order to ensure optimum weight is allotted to all of the engineered approved points, all the while without requiring any drilling into the rooftop, meaning you will not have any resealing worries.

RoofStep Ladder Series 

The ladder series is designed specifically in order to allow workers to be able to move from one level of a roof to another; an example of where this would be needed beneficial would be for a parapet wall. This series of rooftop guardrail system is designed in order to have the guardrails on the upper sides in order to help prevent a fall from occurring onto the lower levels.

Government Regulations: 

This system is designed in order to meet or exceed all major governing bodies fall protection requirements including ANSI, OSHA, OHSA and MOL.

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